Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream

“We are all better people for seeing this film” – Liv Ullmann actress, director

Winner for Best Documentary at the 2011 Independent Film Quarterly Festival in LA. Jimmy Tingle’s American dream is comedy, commentary, and conversation proving the Dream is still alive. The film stars Robert Altman, Howard Zinn, Lewis Black, Bobcat Goldthwait, and many more.

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Love is Blind

A couple from France are called upon to create an orphanage in rural China. Love is Blind traces a year long adoption process uniting a family in Indiana with a blind orphan in Beijing.

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After Words

Imagine a world where your ability to speak is gone.

Aphasia is a devastating disorder that robs people of their ability to communicate.
After Words is a documentary starring Patricia Neal, Julie Harris, and Bobby Mcferrin.

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Member of Parliament

Despite violence, poverty, and the rampant spread of AIDS, the children of Uganda are the future; and the future is hopeful.

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Spending one full year at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, Marathon examines the life of six newly injured Spinal Cord patients and their therapists. The film is an intimate portrait of their relationships and struggles which go beyond the hospital – and into their daily lives two years post injury.

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Grete & Susan

Friendships can occur at any age and under any circumstances.

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Moving Mountains

China’s poorest population live in a rural mountain setting. Uneducated for centuries, one man dedicates his life to be a teacher to the children. After several years the entire village joins together to financially support a young boy accepted to attend college.

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