Afterwords I (2003) & Afterwords II (2012)



It  went on to raise thousands of dollars in distribution at fundraisers all over the world.  Based on its success Spaulding commissioned a second film that year entitled Marathon for their spinal cord unit. In 2011, Steward HealthCare, commissioned a feature Length documentary on Aphasia, After Words II . The film has achieved success nationally as a fundraiser and has aired on PBS stations nationwide. In 2014 it was distributed in Europe.


Afterwords I (2003)

Imagine a world where your ability to speak is gone.

Aphasia is a devastating disorder that robs people of their ability to communicate. After Words is a documentary starring Patricia Neal, Julie Harris, and Bobby Mcferrin.

Afterwords II (2012)

Featuring Dr. Oliver Sacks , Is the feature length documentary follow up to the 2003 film, Afterwords I. It was broadcast on PBS 2012,2013.

Both films are currently available for corporate and non-profit rentals only. For more information please email us your request.