Films with a social conscience

Jimmy Tingle's American Dream

“We are all better people for seeing this film” – Liv Ullmann actress, director


Part Comedy, part documentary This film features some of Americas greatest social commentators. Winner of the 2011 Los Angeles Film Quarterly Award for Best Feature Documentary and Best Director, Vincent Straggas. JTAD went onto Theatrical distribution, fundraiser for PBS Pledge programming in 2009-2010. Soon to be seen on Netflix. The film stars Robert Altman, Howard Zinn, Lewis Black, Bobcat Goldthwait, and many more.



Love is Blind


A young couple from France embarks on a journey to Beijing, where they start an Orphanage for blind children. Love is Blind follows the adoption of three young girls; best friends, raised together from infancy, about to be separated in one week.

Love is Blind is a film Commissioned by Shannon Allen and her husband Ray Allen of the Miami Heat. The purpose is of this film is to tell the amazing story of a young couples journey in Beijing to start and run an orphanage for Blind Children. All proceeds for the film go to Bethel Orphanage in China.




Afterwords I (2003) & Afterwords II (2012)



It  went on to raise thousands of dollars in distribution at fundraisers all over the world.  Based on its success Spaulding commissioned a second film that year entitled Marathon for their spinal cord unit. In 2011, Steward HealthCare, commissioned a feature Length documentary on Aphasia, After Words II . The film has achieved success nationally as a fundraiser and has aired on PBS stations nationwide. In 2014 it was distributed in Europe.


Afterwords I (2003)

Imagine a world where your ability to speak is gone.

Aphasia is a devastating disorder that robs people of their ability to communicate. After Words is a documentary starring Patricia Neal, Julie Harris, and Bobby Mcferrin.

Afterwords II (2012)

Featuring Dr. Oliver Sacks , Is the feature length documentary follow up to the 2003 film, Afterwords I. It was broadcast on PBS 2012,2013.

Both films are currently available for corporate and non-profit rentals only. For more information please email us your request.



Member of Parliament


Despite violence, poverty, and the rampant spread of AIDS; the children of Uganda see hope for their country’s future. Member of Parliament follows the lives of three remarkable children, an artist, a journalist and a young politician looking to change a corrupt nation.

A Recent feature at the 2013 Montreal Film Festival. Member of Parliament is a labor of love for Philanthropists Donnie and Larry Stern. The film was made to raise funds for the children of Uganda so that they may make their country a better place for future generations.




Marathon I (2007) & Marathon II (2015)


Marathon I (2007)

Spending one full year at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, Marathon examines the life of six newly injured Spinal Cord patients and their therapists. The film is an intimate portrait of their relationships and struggles which go beyond the hospital – and into their daily lives two years post injury.

Marathon II (2015)

Is the feature length version of the 2007 film Marathon I.  Part documentary part Mystery. Marathon II will be a unique blend of two filmmaking genres. It is currently in Pre-Production and slated for release in 2015. (NEED UPDATED INFO)



Grete & Susan




True friendships are rare, but they can occur at anytime, under any circumstance.

Grete and Susan is currently in its final phase of post-production. Sample cuts can be previewed on our vimeo account. To request access please submit an email with your information.


Looking For Larry


Looking for Larry is the twelve year follow up to the 2003 film, Marathon. The film will trace the lives of the five original cast members to see how they have progressed after their devastating spinal cord injuries. How have they managed both emotionally and financially? The results are both surprising and shocking.

We will travel the through the labyrinth of their journeys to bring you their incredible stories. Except for one, who has vanished, without a trace, but who has left behind a string of sorted clues. With the help of a private investigation team. Looking for Larry will close the gap on a twelve year mystery.

Please check out our Indiegogo campaign to help fund this film. (NEED MORE INFO)